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Dr. Susie Kilshaw: Selected Publications

Kilshaw, S. (forthcoming) Pregnancy and Miscarriage: The Role of Women in Qatar. London: I.B. Tauris. 


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Kilshaw, S. 2017. Birds, meat, and babies: The multiple realities of foetuses in Qatar. Anthropology and Medicine. 24(2): 189-204.

Kilshaw, S. 2017. "How culture shapes perceptions of miscarriage". Sapiens. Last accessed January 4 2018.

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Kilshaw, S., Miller, D. Al Tamimi, H., El-Taher, F., Mohsen, M., Omar, N., Major, S. and K. Sole. 2016. Calm

vessels: Cultural expectations of Pregnant Women in Qatar. Anthropology of the Middle East.11(2): 39-59.

2015. Kilshaw, S., T. Al Raisi, F. Alshaban. Arranging marriage; negotiating risk: Genetics and society in Qatar. Anthropology & Medicine 22(1).

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2014. Toxic soldiers: Chemicals and the bodies of soldiers. In Fleming, J. and A. Johnhson (eds). Toxic Airs: Chemical and Environmental Histories of the Atmosphere.  Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

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2009. Kilshaw, S. Impotent Warriors: Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity Oxford: Berghahn.

2009. Kilshaw, S. Obligations to Veteran Informants: Contentious Research and Stakeholder Engagement. Anthropology News 50(5): 28-9.

2008. Kilshaw, S. Gulf War Syndrome: A reaction to psychiatry’s invasion of the military? Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 32(2).

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2006. Kilshaw, S. On being a Gulf veteran: an anthropological perspective. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 361 (1468): 697-706.

2004. Kilshaw, S. Friendly Fire: The Construction of Gulf War Syndrome Narratives. Anthropology and Medicine 11 (2): 149-160.

2004. Kilshaw, S. Gulf War Syndrome. Psychiatry. 3(8): 17-20.



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