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FRSG has an active publication series with Berghahn Books entitled Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality. The series includes 41 volumes, as of 2018. The entire series can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality

General Editors:
Soraya Tremayne, Founding Director, Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group and Research Associate, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford
Marcia C. Inhorn, William K. Lanman, Jr. Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs, Yale University
Philip Kreager, Director, Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group, and Research Associate, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and Institute of Human Sciences, University of Oxford

Understanding the complex and multifaceted issue of human reproduction has been, and remains, of great interest both to academics and practitioners. This series includes studies by specialists in the field of social, cultural, medical, and biological anthropology, medical demography, psychology, and development studies. Current debates and issues of global relevance on the changing dynamics of fertility, human reproduction and sexuality are addressed.


Three of the books published in the series have received nominations for the CAR Prize (Committee for the Anthropology of Reproduction) at the American Association of Anthropologists (AAA).


The CAR Prize 2010 and 2012 were won, respectively, by Volume 12: Reconceiving the Second Sex: Men, Masculinity and Reproduction, edited by Marcia C. Inhorn, Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen, Helene Goldberg and Maruska la Cour Mosegaard, and Volume 18: Assisting Reproduction, Testing Genes, edited by Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli and Marica C. Inhorn.

Chinese Medical Woodcut, locations where acupuncture is prohibited during the third month of pregnancy, circa 984 (2nd year of the Eikan era)

Wellcome Images CC BY 4.0

Volumes currently in press

Negotiating Miscarriage: A Social, Medical and Conceptual Problem, edited by Susie Kilshaw and Katie Borg

The Anthropological Demography of Health, edited by Véronique Petit (Univ. Paris-Descartes), Kaveri Qureshi (Univ. Edinburgh), Yves Charbit (Univ. Paris-Descartes), and Philip Kreager (Oxford University),Oxford University Press: 2019.

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