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 Fertility and Reproduction Seminars: 2020-2022

Terracotta altar of three fertility goddesses, Museo Archeologico Regionale di Gela, circa 500 BCE

Week 3          Marcia Inhorn, Yale University

31 Jan         America’s Arab Refugees: Vulnerability and Reproductive Health on the Margins

5pm GMT

Week 4          Adrienne Strong, University of Florida

7 Feb           Who Is Vulnerable to Maternal Death?: Nurses at Risk in Tanzanian Maternity Care’

5pm GMT

Week 5          Philip Kreager, Oxford University

14 Feb          Vulnerability across the Life Course: A Problem in Medical Anthropology and 
10am GMT  Anthropological Demography, with examples from Indonesia

Week 6         Jenny Munro, University of Queensland

21 Feb         Reproductive Abandonment in Urban Papua, Indonesia

10am GMT

Week 7         Lenny Ekawati, Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit, Jakarta, and Oxford University

28 Feb        Pregnancy, Malaria and Vulnerability in East Nusa Tenggara, Eastern Indonesia

10am GMT

Week 8         Kaveri Qureshi, Edinburgh University, Anna Dowrick and Tanvi Rai, Oxford University

7 Mar          Imperilled fertility, COVID-19 vaccines, and transgressing reproductive 
5 pm GMT  expectations: intersectional perspectives from the UK

Please note that London GMT is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US: Jakarta is 7 hours ahead of London GMT, and Brisbane is 10 hours ahead of London GMT. Seminars will be recorded to permit audience members to listen in at more convenient times.

                                                  Fertility and Vulnerability

Hilary Term 2022

Microsoft Teams – joining link

     Please note: Seminars take place on Mondays, but times vary

Convened by           Philip Kreager                                                    Soraya Tremayne

                               Director, FRSG                                                 Founding Director, FRS

                         Institute of Human Sciences                    Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology    

                               Oxford University                                                 Oxford University

                                                  Fertility and Fecundity

Hilary Term 2021

16:30 pm – 18:00 pm, Microsoft Teams

Week 1          Sarah Franklin, REproSoc, Cambridge University

18 Jan         Changing (In)Fertilities: a global study of situated fertility transitions

Week 2          Robbie Davis-Floyd, Rice University

25 Jan         Birth Models that Work: Standing the test of time?

Week 3          Irene Maffi, Université de Lausanne

1 Feb           A Revolution for Women? Access to contraception and abortion care in

                    post-revolutionary Tunisia

Week 4          Rishita Nandagiri, London School of Economics and Political Science

8 Feb           Rethinking ‘Fertility’ and ‘Voluntary’ Family Planning in Population and


Week 5          Lia Betti, University of Roehampton

15 Feb          Women’s Diversity in the Shape of the Birth Canal: Implications for human evolution

                      and modern maternal care

Week 6         Burcu Mutlu, Istanbul Bilgi University

22 Feb        Familial Biopolitics, Intimate Transgressions: Reproductive travels between

                   Turkey and Northern Cyprus

Week 7         Maya Unnithan, University of Sussex

1 Mar          Re-Imagining Reproductive Health and Rights in India

Week 8         Carolyn Sargent, Washington University, St. Louis

8 Mar          Cancer Risk versus Fertility Desires

                                         Low Fertility Variation at Sub-National Levels:

                       Historical, Demographic, and Anthropological Perspectives

Hilary Term 2020

11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Seminar Room, 64 Banbury Road

Week 1          Heidi Härkönen, University of Helsinki

20 Jan         Gendered Fertility: Reproductive Aspirations and Practices in Contemporary Havana

Week 2          Cristina Pérez, University College, London

27 Jan         No Pressure? A Comparative Analysis of the Gendered Pathways to

                    Childlessness in Colombia

Week 3          Shibei Ni, University of Southampton

3 Feb           Negotiations between Gender and Career upon Parenthood in Contemporary China

Week 4          Brienna Perelli-Harris and Natalia Permyakova, University of Southampton

10 Feb         Fertility Recuperation in a Very Low Fertility Society: Political and Economic

                    Attitudes, Technology, and Second Births in Ukraine

Week 5         Alexandre Avdeev, University Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, and

17 Feb          Irina Troitskaya, Lomonosov Moscow State University

                     The Place of the First Birth in the Strategy of Family Formation in Contemporary Russia

Week 6         Alice Reid, Hannaliis Jaadla and Eilidh Garrett, The Cambridge Group for

24 Feb        the History of Population and Social Structure, University of Cambridge

                   Continuity and Change in Geographical Patterns in UK Fertility: the Case of London

Week 7         Stephanie Thiehoff, Southampton University

2 Mar          Reflecting on the Past: Long-term Spatial Persistence of Fertility Behaviour from

                   the First to the Second Demographic Transition in England and Wales

Week 8         Nicholas Campisi, St Andrews University, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

9 Mar         A Spatial Approach to European Fertility Trends

Convened by           Yuliya Hilevych                                   Philip Kreager

                              Cambridge University                           Director, FRSG

                                                                                           Oxford University


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