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Dr. Nadine Beckmann: Curriculum Vitae and Publications



PhD Social Anthropology University of Oxford, funded by St Antony’s College Sassoon Scholarship, Graduate Studentship in Anthropology, University of Oxford, ORISHA scholarship, and Royal Anthropological Institute Radcliffe-Brown Trust Fund

MA Social Anthropology, Sociology, Law University of Muenster, Germany, Distinction

BA equivalent (Zwischenpruefung) Social Anthropology, Sociology, Law University of Muenster, Germany, First class



Oct12-present  Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Department of Life Sciences (Anthropology), University of Roehampton

Oct10-Sep12   John Fell Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University, and Junior Research Fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford University

Sep09-July10   Lecturer in International Development, School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Leeds

Feb 08-Aug09  Research Fellow, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford


Relevant Peer-Reviewed Publications


Forthcoming (2014). ‘The quest for trust in the face of uncertainty: managing pregnancy outcomes in Zanzibar’. In E. Cooper and D. Pratten (eds): Exploring Uncertainty in Contemporary Africa. Palgrave Macmillan.


Forthcoming (2014). Strings Attached: AIDS and the Rise of Transnational Connections in Africa. Edited volume (together with Catrine Christiansen and Alessandro Gusman). British Academy/Oxford University Press.


Forthcoming (2014), with C. Christiansen, A. Gusman and R. van Dijk. ‘Introduction: the transnationalisation of the AIDS pandemic in Africa’. In N. Beckmann, C. Christiansen and A. Gusman (eds), Strings Attached: AIDS and the Rise of Transnational Connections in Africa. British Academy/Oxford University Press.


2013 ‘Responding to medical crises: AIDS treatment, responsibilisation and the logic of choice’. Special issue on ‘Therapeutic knowledge, health, crises and processes of diversification and mainstreaming’, edited by Gabi Alex, Kristine Krause and David Parkin, Anthropology and Medicine 20(2): 160-174.


2013. ‘Rationality and responsibilisation. Antiretroviral treatment and the care of the self among HIV-positive people in Tanzania’. Afriche e Orienti.


2012.  'Medicines of hope? The tough decision for anti-retroviral use for HIV in Zanzibar, Tanzania.'. Journal of East Aftrican Studies 6(4): 690-708.


2011. ‘The Politics of Global Advocacy and Activism around HIV/AIDS‘. In M. Mbilinyi and D. Kitunga (eds.): A Feminist Political Economy of HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam: Tanzania Gender Networking Project, E & D Vision Publishing Limited.


2010. ‘Pleasure and Danger. Muslim views on sex and gender in Zanzibar‘. Culture, Health and Sexuality 12(6): 619-32.


2010. ‘Markets for health, markets for sickness: the commodification of misery’. In R. Van Dijk and M. Dekker (eds.): Health and Healing in Africa: New Arenas and Emerging Markets. Leiden: Brill Publishers.


2010, with Janet Bujra. ‘The ‘politics of the queue’: the politicization of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania’ Development and Change 41(6): 1041-64.


2009. ‘AIDS and the power of God: narratives of decline and coping strategies in Zanzibar’, in Becker, F. & P.W. Geissler (eds): AIDS and Religious Practice in Africa, pp. 119-54. Leiden: Brill Publishers.



2012 Rapid Assessment on Obstetric Fistula in South Sudan for the UNFPA via Anthrologica Consulting, Juba and rural Western Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan

2010 Expert witness for a family court case concerning Zanzibar, Pictons Solicitors LLP


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