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Dr. Nadine Beckmann

Nadine Beckmann, is Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Roehampton and research associate at the University of Oxford’s School of Anthropology. She received her DPhil in anthropology at the University of Oxford. Her doctoral thesis is an ethnography of life with HIV/AIDS in a Muslim society, focusing on notions of morality and uncertainty, the management of sexuality, and the newly introduced antiretroviral treatment for AIDS in Zanzibar, Tanzania. In the last years, she was John Fell Fellow in anthropology at the University of Oxford's anthropology department, research fellow at the Department of Peace Studies in Bradford, and lecturer in international development at the University of Leeds. Some of her work has been published in the Journal of East African Studies, Culture, Health and Sexuality, and Development and Change (with Dr Janet Bujra).

Contact Information:


Tel: +44 (1) 020 8392 3517



Department of Life Sciences (Anthropology), University of Roehampton, Whitelands College, Holybourne Avenue, London, SW15 4JD


Research Interests

Nadine's work focuses on the intersections of sexuality, illness, and wellbeing, and the interplay between biomedicine and alternative forms of addressing illness and reproductive health issues, particularly in Muslim communities. She is especially interested in the global politics of population and disease control and in the interrelationships between large-scale global health interventions and local realities in East Africa.


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