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Professor Alison Shaw: Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Academic Qualifications


B.A. Human Sciences, University of Oxford 1979

D. Phil, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford 1984



2016                       Adjunct Professor, UCLA

2014                       Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Oxford.
2004                       Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH),

                               University of Oxford.

1997-2004              Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Dept. of Human Sciences, Brunel University.

1997                       Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University.

1993-6                    Tutor of Social Anthropology, University of Oxford.

1991-2                    Lecturer, Contemporary Issues in Anthropology, Goldsmith's College,
                              University of London.

1984-8                    Director, Asian Language Develop
ment Project, Oxfordshire Council for
                              Community Relations.


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'Community leader', a short story by Safia Siddiqi, translation by Alison Shaw and
Mohammad Talib, published in, 9 January 2015, as part of Himal
Southasian's Web-exclusive series complementing 'Diaspora: South Asia Abroad'.

'A good son', a short story by Safia Siddiqi, translation by Alison Shaw and Mohammad Talib,
published in, 7 January 2015, as part of Himal Southasian's Web-exclusive series
complementing 'Diaspora: South Asia Abroad'.


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