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Dr. Kaveri Qureshi: Recent Publications

(2018) Chronic Illness in a Pakistani labor diaspora, Durham: Carolina Academic Press.
(2016) Marital Breakdown among British Asians: conjugality, legal pluralism and new kinship, London: Palgrave, Shortlisted for the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2017.
Co-edited books and special issues
(2020) edited with V. Petit, Y. Charbit and P. Kreager. The Anthropological Demography of Health, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
(2017) co-edited with E Rahman. ‘Infant feeding: medicalization, the state and techniques of the body', special issue of Women’s Studies International Forum.
(2016) co-edited with S Pooley. Parenthood between generations: transforming reproductive cultures, Oxford: Berghahn, Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality series.
Relevant recent articles and chapters
(2018) 'Marriage, Islamic advice literature and its women readers', Contemporary Levant, 3(1): 34-43.
(2017) with A Qureshi and Z Khawaja. 'Where there is no weighing scale: newborn nourishment and care in Pakistani Punjab',  Women's Studies International Forum, 60 (Jan-Feb): 128-35.

(2016) ‘First-time parenthood among migrant Pakistanis: gender and generation in the postpartum period’, forthcoming in K Qureshi and S Pooley (eds) Parenthood between Generations: Transforming Reproductive Cultures, Oxford: Berghahn.
(2016) 'Shehri (city) brides between Indian Punjab and the U.K.: transnational hypergamy, Sikh women's agency and gendered geographies of power', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(7): 1216-28.

(2015) ‘Migration, belonging and the body that births: Pakistani women in Britain’, pp.14-32 in M Unnithan and S Khanna (eds) The Cultural Politics of Reproduction: Migration, Health, and Family Making, Oxford: Berghahn
(2014) with K Charsley and A Shaw, 'Marital Instability among British Pakistanis: transnationalism, conjugality and Islam', Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37(2): 361-79.

(2013) ‘Sabar: body politics among middle-aged Pakistani migrant women’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 19(1): 120-137.

(2012) ‘Pakistani labour migration and masculinity: industrial work, the body and transnationalism’, Global Networks, 12(4): 485-504.

(2010) ‘Sickness, dreams and moral selfhood among migrant Pakistani Muslims’, Anthropology & Medicine, 17(3): 277-87.



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