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Dr. Paula Sheppard: Curriculum Vitae 



University of Oxford, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography                            2019-

Departmental Lecturer in Medical Anthropology

Course Director for the DPhil programme

University of Oxford, Department of Sociology                                                                 2016-2019                                                            Postdoctoral Research Fellow on Family Size Matters ERC project  

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Postdoctoral Researcher for:
Department of Health Services Research and Policy                                                       2016
Data collection
Maternal healthcare markets Evaluation Team (MET)                                                      2016

Secondary data analysis & publication
Distance Learning Program, MSc Demography and Health                                             2015

Designed and created course module
Family Matters ERC Project
Secondary data analysis & publication
Senior Leadership Team                                                                                                  2014
Discrete choice experiment assessing student demand

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction                                             2013-2014

Quantitative Research Consultant                                                                                            
Secondary data analysis 4 publication


London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine                                                             2010-2014

PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology

How childhood household environments influence reproductive strategy.

London School of Economics                                                                                         2009-2010

MSc in Social Research Methods

Father absence and timing of puberty and reproduction in British men.

University of Oxford                                                                                                         2008-2009

MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology

Hunter-gatherer residence patterns: why hunting and warfare predict patrilocality.

University of East London                                                                                                2004-2008

BSc (Hons) Anthropology with Native–American Studies

University of New Mexico                                                                                                  2006-2007

1-year exchange programme option as part of BSc degree
Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology with Spanish


Fellow of The Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group, Oxford                                         2022-

Fellow of The Royal Anthropological Institute                                                                      2020-

St Antony’s College, Oxford (Senior Common Room and Student Advisor)                        2019-

European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (current Secretary)                       2019-

Nuffield College, Oxford (Non-stipendiary Research Fellow)                                               2016-2019

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), Raleigh, USA                                     2015

Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, USA                                                                             2014-


University of Oxford

Human Evolutionary Demography (BA Human Sciences)                                                   2019-

D.Phil writing workshops: Writing a thesis literature review                                                 2017-2018

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Research Design and Analysis                                                                                            2014

Analysing Survey and Population Data                                                                                2015

Distance Learning Module: The long reach of childhood: health and the life course.          2015

London School of Economics

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis                                                                                    2011-2014

Introduction to Stata                                                                                                              2012


DPhil Anthropology, Oxford (four students)                                                                           2022-

MPhil Medical Anthropology, Oxford (six students)                                                               2019-2022

MSc Medical Anthropology, Oxford (15 students)                                                                 2019-2022

BA Human Sciences, Oxford (eight students)                                                                       2019-2022

MSc Sociology, Oxford (two students)                                                                                   2017-2019

MSc Demography and Health, LSHTM (two students)                                                          2014-2016


External examiner UCL BSc Human Sciences                                                                       2022-

Internal examiner BA Human Sciences, Oxford                                                                      2022

Internal examiner MSc Medical Anthropology, Oxford                                                             2021-2022

Examiner of PhD viva, Department of Anthropology, UCL (Megan Arnot)                              2021

Interviewer for admissions to BA Human Sciences, Magdalen College, Oxford                     2018-

Examiner of M.Litt viva, Department of Sociology, Oxford (Paul Ayernor)                              2018


ERC Consolidator Grant (shortlisted)                                                                                       2022

John Fell Fund large grant, University of Oxford                                                                       2021

British Society for Population Studies travel grant                                                                    2013

European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association student bursary                                2013

Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 Quota Award                                                      2009

The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, University Exhibitions                                    2008


I have presented my research at around two dozen international conferences since 2010. These include talks at the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, the Human Behavior and Evolu­tion Society, Population Association of America, The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, the European Consortium for Sociological Research, and the British Society for Population Studies.

I have also given invited talks at the Childbearing and Evolutionary Theory workshop Oxford, at the UCL Biological Anthropology seminar series, and for Oxford Sociology’s Departmental Seminar, as well as at the Radical Anthropology Group, London.

I organised two workshops at Nuffield College, Oxford: Multigenerational Social Mobility, and Sibling Models in Intergenerational Transmission Research. I held a special session at IUSSP: Evolutionary Perspectives in demography, and was on the organising committee of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference, held in London 2016.


Ageing and Society; American Journal of Epidemiology; Biology Letters; European Journal of Popula­tion; Evolution and Human Behavior (& Consulting Editor); Evolutionary and Behavioral Sciences; Evolutionary Psychology; Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health; Evolution, Mind and Behaviour; Human Nature; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; Journal of Bioso-cial Science (& Associate Editor); Journal of Family Issues; Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health; PLOS ONE; Population Studies; Royal Society Open Science; Nature Scientific Reports; Social Sciences (& Editorial Board); the National Science Foundation (grant applications in Biological Anthropology).


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